Sunday, November 02, 2008

Three Word Wednesday

I'm still getting my poetic process down, but I think three word Wednesday would be a good start for public posting. I got the idea from Tiel's blog.

Last weeks words:


The reasons of the rainfall

The passion and the price

The coffee breath and highway eyes

Of a filling-station Christ

Say it’s something from a daydream

Call it leverage for need

Its bacon-wrapped and tangible,

And elegant, to a degree

The top, the side, the timer and the bomb

The tic, the toc, the damage and the aftermath

The cops, the corpse, the splinter and the thumb

The French, the fools, the butcher and the bombardier

Like flesh of blood and muscle,

Like knife of wood and bone

The symptomatic tempo of her undulating groans

The hollow wish of deadbeats

The knock is all you hear

The fingertips of lavender and opiated fears

The chant, the coin, the feather and the blood

The God, the trap, the bastard and the barricade

The sex, the drugs, the Raven and the book

The shit, the shack, the lover and the maniac

The girl, the dog, the stitches and the shots

The loss, the search, the gypsies and the underpass

The sin, the filth, the savior and the cross

The wine, the cheese, the marriage and the photograph


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